General Information

How long do the candles burn for?

All of our candles burn slowly and evenly down to the last drop of wax. Below is a list of our burn times according to size.

Wood candles (4oz) - 30+ hours

Copper candles (4oz) - 30+ hours

Copper candles (8oz) - 60+ hours

Copper candles (16oz) - 80+ hours

What type of wax do you use to make the candles?

We handcraft all of our candles using all natural soy wax and organic beeswax.

What kind of oils do you use to make your fragrances?

We blend natural essential oils with fragrance oils to create our unique fragrance combinations. We have tried to handcraft candles using only essential oils, but unfortunately, the candles don’t burn evenly if the essential oils are not blended with fragrance oils. All of the fragrance oils we use are non-toxic and Phthalate free. 

How can I repurpose my candle vessel?

Please visit our Repurpose page for detailed instructions and ideas for repurposing your pure copper or natural wood vessel. We specifically chose our candle vessels to inspire our customers to reuse them and not let them go to waste. Get creative and let us know what you use your vessel for after the candle burns. :)

What kind of wood do you use to make your wood candles?

Our wood candle vessels are made from a simple piece of natural Jujube wood. Each vessel is unique and has its own distinctive look with varying wood grains.

Won’t the wood vessel burn when I light my candle?

No. Our wood candles are crafted so that the wick with only burn the candle wax. The wax will burn completely leaving zero wax or residue behind. The wood vessel will not come in contact with the flame in any way so that after the candle burns you can repurpose it as a tea or espresso cup, vase, desk organizer, etc.

Are the copper candles made with real copper or is it copper plated?

All of our copper candles are made with 100% pure copper. You can use the copper vessel after the candle burns as a Moscow mule cup, planter, makeup brush holder, coin/change cup, etc. The options are endless.  

Do all of the candles come with a lid?

All of our copper candles come with a lid. Our wood candles come with a dust cover that includes instructions for repurposing the wood vessel after the candle burns.

Where can I go to smell the scents?

You can email us at sales@vimandcigorcandleco.com to schedule a time to come by our shop. If you aren't located in Arizona you can also purchase our sample pack that includes a half ounce sample of each scent we offer. 


Custom Candles

Can I customize the copper or wood vessels?

Yes! We have local engravers that can customize your copper and wood candle vessels for weddings, events, gifts, etc. The engravers can add any type of line art to the vessel (basically any design where the lines are not defined color). If you’d like to order custom candles please email us at sales@vimandvigorcandleco.com and include your name, the number of candles you will be ordering, any deadlines for receiving the custom candles, and your design. Our engravers will need a vector file in order to complete the engraving. If you don’t have a vector file we have a few graphic designers that we work with that can help you with your design. Please contact us for more details on pricing for both the custom logo and design assistance.

Are there minimums for ordering custom candles?

Typically we require a minimum of 30 units for all custom logos, however, we have a local engraver that is able to do one-off designs if you prefer. Please contact us at sales@vimandvigorcandleco.com for pricing on quantities less than 30 units.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. You can submit a request for wholesale pricing by visiting our Wholesalers page.

Do you offer samples?

Yes. We offer a scent sample pack for $12 that contains one .5oz metal tins in each fragrance options (22 scents in total). We also offer discounts on samples of our copper and wood candles. If you are interested in purchasing the samples please contact us via our Wholesalers page for pricing and details.

Do you have a brick and mortar location where I can smell all of the scents before placing my order?

All of our candles are hand-poured in Phoenix, AZ. You can contact us via our Wholesalers page to schedule a time to visit our studio to smell the scents. We would love to meet you! If you are located outside of Arizona, you can also order our scent sample pack - see the question above for more details (Do you offer samples?).

Do you do private labeling?

We are able to accommodate most private labeling requests. Please visit our Wholesalers page for more information.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We are happy to discuss pricing options with you depending on your order size. If you are looking to order the candles in bulk for an event or a purpose other than reselling please contact us with your request at sales@vimandvigrocandleco.com.